Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So Hindu's are vegetarians ???

This one is an old article I had put in my blog... Repeating it here again to get views from the other skeptics as well:

Man is an omnivorous animal naturally. So being a pure vegetarian or a non-vegetarian entirely depends on ones own preferences and/or on medical, religious or other reasons. But saying that being a non-vegetarian is inhuman would be an entirely wrong statement, because it is absolutely natural for human to eat non-vegetarian food along with the vegetarian food.

I’d like to make it clear beforehand, that I am NOT a proponent or a propagandist for non-vegetarianism. But, it is a well proven fact that without animal food supplements it is very difficult or almost impossible to have an affordable exclusively vegetarian diet. This can be proven in historic as well as scientific ways.

Historic Proof:
  • The most ancient of the cave paintings show hunts and not growing crops or vegetables.

  • Civilizations have been traced by the bones accumulated at the site and not from rice or dhal at the site!

  • Even Vedic scriptures prove that the Hindus, who claim to be pure vegetarians due to religious reasons, were absolute non-vegetarians in the Vedic age.

  • You’ll find a reference about a yajna (Ritual) called ‘Gomedh’ in the Vedas, in which the cow was sacrificed as an important part of the yajna. As an example, this yajna is described in an ancient and famous scripture ‘Shabda-Kalpadrum’ as:
Yajna Vishesh: Atra strigopashu: mantreshu strilingpathat tatsya lakshanam – saptashafatva – navashafatva – bhagnashrungatva – kaanatva – chhinnakarnatvaadidosharaahityam. Tatsya prayogah, sarvoapi chhagpashuvat. Yajmanasya svargah falam, goshcha goloka praptih.

: It’s a vishesh (special) yajna. Here feminine gopashu (Cow) is referred to. These should be the lakshana (Symptoms) of it: It should not have either seven or nine legs, its horn shouldn’t be broken, neither one-eyed, nor ear-cut. It should be used up totally, like a goat, i.e. the cow should be behaved the way a goat is behaved with. This gomedh yajna will result in the attainment of swarga (Heaven) for the yajman (One for whom the ritual is carried out) and even the cow will attain something called golok.
  • Many such similar references can be found in the other scriptures like Rigveda, Yajurveda, Upanishads, Mahabharat, etc.

  • According to Swami Vivekananda himself, “He who does not eat beef (or meat for that matter), is not considered to be a good Hindu at all.” He also quotes, “There was a time in the Indian history, when no Brahmin was called so if he does not consume meat.

  • In fact, the whole vegetarianism concept came into Hinduism after Buddha and Mahavira. Before that the Brahmins used to eat beef. All sacrifices involved eating the sacrificial animals.

Scientific Proofs:
  • We have canine teeth which are used for tearing meat.

  • The length of the intestine is short and more suggestive of a mixed diet. Even if man were to be an exclusive vegetarian, the Gastro intestinal tract cannot be used for vegetation. Man can consume only high energy food like fruits, cereals, meat etc.

  • Man requires vitamin B12 which is exclusively from non-vegetarian sources, the least of them being milk.

  • You may ask me, why milk is a non vegetarian food. No adult animal consumes milk except humans and those animals which are totally dependent like cats, dogs etc. After all milk is produced only in the mammary glands of mammals. So how can it be vegetarian?

  • Moreover, the proteins of milk are exclusively animal proteins like lactalbumin, lacto globulins, lactose etc. The major milk protein casein is a phospho-protein which is not found in any plants.

  • Human pancreatic juice contains an enzyme called collagenase, which hydrolyses collagen a protein found only in the animal tissues. No plant product contains this protein.

  • The gastric juice of humans is acidic and contains pepsin an enzyme found in carnivores.

  • Even honey, considered as a pure vegetarian food contains the saliva of bees!

  • Harper, the most eminent author of the most referred to text book of biochemistry for generations of biochemists, medical, dental, veterinary, agriculture students says, "The best way to get the supply of amino acids in the quantities and proportions required by the human body is to consume human flesh!”. Since, cannibalism is neither accepted nor desirable, we are forced to look for other sources for the same. So, it is non-vegetarian food that comes close to it and not vegetarian.

  • There are some tribes which cannot be vegetarian by any chance. The Eskimos have no vegetarian food of any sort. They are totally dependent on animal food. Similarly the Lapps (a tribe from the Russian region) cannot be vegetarians. Many people are totally dependent on animal food for their source of protein like fishermen who live by the sea.

  • You can talk about the elephant, but you cannot eat grass like an elephant which has a multi chambered stomach and has bacterial fermentation chambers which can digest cellulose.
And still the Hindus shamelessly claim that their religion teaches them to be vegetarians... I fail to understand why?