Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blogger slacker

I know I've been very slack about posting here. Things have been rather hectic at work and at home, unfortunately. Here's a quick post though about a couple of skeptical things coming soon:

  1. Skepchicks meeting up in Destin. One of my fellow Skepchicks, Carrie will be coming to stay with us for Dragon*Con and we're taking her and a bunch of other skeptics on a road trip out to Destin, FL. We're planning a meetup while there so let us know if you can make it!
  2. Skeptrack at Dragon*Con! I'll be volunteering, along with a lot of other folks. The skeptics track alone will be awesome - Randi, Phil Plait, PZ Meyers, the list goes on and on. Plus 3 Skepchicks in person and a lot of fun. Be there. And, oh yeah, there's a bunch of other sci-fi and fantasy folks there too...

While you're waiting for me to get my act together (coming soon! Big news about my new project! Promise!) go check out the mayhem over at Skepchick. There are a lot of great people posting regularly and they always have good topics to discuss. Also, don't forget about the newly-created Teen Skepchick - our kick-ass little sister site which is making me feel old and stupid all at the same time. These girls rock.